With Naturessence’s whitening and brightening technology, dark spots, liver spots and uneven skin tone virtually disappear before your eyes !


Freckles and skin spots can appear as a result of excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes or simply be a visible reminder of the passing of time.  They are one of the main beauty concerns of women of all skin types, behind only dark circles and “crow’s feet”, at the outer corner of the eyes.  These are all signs that we are all aging.

Most women love to tan even though they know the dangers of sun exposure. Similarly they are increasingly looking for products that claim to lighten the skin and even out the skin tone. To meet that need, Naturessence proudly introduces Glow, a line of lightening and brightening products that meet the needs of all women.  The end result of using Glow products – complexion perfection – flawless looking skin, a snow-white skin tone that is considered fashionable and trendy.  Lightening  the skin is a normal and necessary part of any skin care routine.

With Glow, you will see:

  • Gradual fading of dark spots
  • Lightening of skin hyper-pigmentation
  • Lightening of acne scars
  • Evening out of your uneven skin tone and discolotation
  • Gradual fading of age and liver spots
  • A reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Glow products use the very latest state-of-the-art delivery system that transports high-end ingredients for whitening and brightening to the skin. Glow utilizes the best ingredients and powerful herbs, minerals and vitamins including stabilized Vitamin C, in a patented delivery system, to deliver the glow and radiance of healthy-younger-looking skin.

Used daily, the Glow products will deliver quick, amazing, visible results!  And that’s not all.  Use the Naturessence Apricot Scrub to exfoliate before using the  Glow products to enhance your results.  Exfoliating before you using Glow products will remove a lot of the top layer of dead and dull skin and refresh your complexion, getting that radiant glow started! But to keep that glow going, you must follow a diligent day-to-day routine that enables healthy skin functioning, collagen turnover and fabulous, even skin tone.

Still for best results, use Glow by Naturessence at night time and Naturessence Swiss Collagen during the day time.